Last updated on 4 March 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼.

This is a /now page inspired by Derek Sivers. This is the place where I describe what I’ve been up to recently, what I’m currently focused on, and talk about some short-term goals. When I first learned about this concept, it immediately appeared very appealing to me because I rarely use social media.

The concept is quite straightforward, and if you would like to learn more about it, visit this website. If you have your own personal website, you may want to consider making a /now page too.

What I’m Doing Now

2024 Theme

My yearly theme for 2024 is the year of focus. I want to focus on areas I am already involved in and stop exploring new things that I may potentially be interested in. The last few years for me have definitely been full of experimentation; I certainly found it productive and insightful, but that phase should cease now.

Key areas of focus:

Work/Learning Update

Since the end of last summer, I started a new job in a field that is completely new to me – biotechnology. I joined a startup accelerator that is mainly focused on providing new cell and gene therapy (CGT) ventures with assistance and expertise in fundraising and business development.

Transitioning into this new field has not been easy. In the last few months, I’ve spent countless hours learning about the most important concepts in regenerative medicine and startup development at the same time. There is still a long way ahead of me, but for now, I feel quite satisfied with the progress I’ve achieved.

So far, I found the venture building/finance-related part of my job most interesting and accessible. This is the list of resources I’ve been studying whenever I have some free time (some of them I’m still going through):

What Is on My Mind

What I’m Currently Reading

What I’m Currently Playing

Most Recent Quote I Saved

“Because the human heart, even when it wants to die, quite often wants at the same time to eat some tteokbokki, too.” - found in I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki: A Memoir by Baek Sehee